Should your organisation be audited?

The Companies Act has set out the audit requirements for companies. All Public and State-Owned companies require audited financial statements. Private, Personal Liability and Non-Profit companies with assets valued over R 5 million or with Public Interest Score (PIS) of over 350, or with a PIS score of over 100 when the financial statements are generated internally.

How prepared are you for audit?

Audits can be daunting. From ensuring that your financial statements are prepared accurately, to ensuring all source documents are available and in a format that usable, effective controls need to be put in place to allow the audit to be performed.

We can help

Tinyeleti Consulting offers audit readiness services to companies preparing for audit. We look at any audit findings from previous audits, suggest controls and mechanisms to prevent repeat findings. We also assist in the preparation of financial statements (IFRS) and the preparation of your source documents for audit.

Why choose us

Our audit readiness services help your company save money and time, by helping you become more efficient and reducing the time and money spent on external auditors. At Tinyeleti Consulting we are dedicated to providing quality services to our clients and we value respect, integrity, accountability and professionalism.